Monday, January 21, 2013

From StefanoS: 28mm Napoleonic Austrians & Dark Age Normans (255 points)

Stefano from Italy sends us his opening submission with an excellent unit of Napoleonic Austrians along with a warband of fierce Normans.

From Stefano:
Finally I am sending you pictures of my completed painting job.
26 infantry from the Karl Herzog Legion, Austria 1809.

...and 22 Dark Age Normans.

Will try to complete also the Italian line before end of the Challenge.

Very nice work, Stefano! I quite like your basework on these - they give a great rustic feel to the overall composition of the figures. 

These two fine units will give Stefano a base of 240 points but I'm adding another 15 for the banners and shields. Welcome along Stefano! We look forward to seeing your Italian napoleonics in the near future.


  1. Normans are excellent - love the shields . Can't have too many "Les autres chiens" to give a kick to in 1809!

  2. Both submissions are great, hope you get more done withing the challenge as they are a treat for the eyes


  3. Great looking entries - what an interesting uniform those Austrians are wearing. Normans look good too. Best, Dean

  4. Love the shields on the Normans! Nice work Stefano!


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