Monday, January 21, 2013

From JameB: 28mm SYW French Skirmishers & Dark Age Arthurians (203 points)

From James:

I have a couple more entries for you. Please find attached pictures of 12 French light troops these are from Front Rank and are half of a regt pack, the other 12 will be based up to act as lights for our SYW French army. These 12 are on round base's and will be used in our F&IW games.
Next I offer you 24 Athurian Romans, these are a family commission and are the last unit of the infantry, one unit of Cav to go. I painted the shields separate and stuck on before applying dip. These figures are once again Foundry (seems most of my stuff is from them or the Perry's)

Beautiful work James. If quite like those helmets on the French light troops - are they a type of casquette?

These two units will give James 203 points which includes a little extra for the nice shields and the Romano standard. 


  1. Great looking units - those French helmets are very odd - at first I thought something like 2nd Empire stuff. Arthurians look great too. Best, Dean

    1. That's what I thought as well - they do have a 2nd Empire or Revolutionary War look about them.

  2. the hat is a Schomberg from what I can gather they were worn by one particular unit
    I think it is a great looking unit just not very historic

  3. Nice work James, i think the titles yours this year!

  4. More great looking figures, you are pushing out the quality



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