Monday, January 21, 2013

From DaveD: 28mm Marshal Marmont, Napoleonic British & Cowboys (217 points)

From Dave:
So here we have some old school shineyness Napoleonics.
First up - Marshal Marmont and staff - Elite Miniatures I had to do some conversion work on the Marshal himself, adding a sash and badge from greenstuff, lanyards from copper wire , and adding in some in-hand reins.

Next - real old school Napoleonics for a regular client - British line battalion - 32 foot , 1 mounted (Connoisseur Miniatures). Plus a mounted Spanish General of unknown provenance (possibly Redoubt?). He has a bicorne so big he could us it as cover!

Then we have a recent commission for the Old West for one of the boys at the club. the Scott Mob, mainly Black Scorpion and one Artizan Designs (the one with reaching for the knife).
Lastly a 28mm 4 Ground general purpose wagon - this is an MDF kit - I have one already, but am in the process of acquiring a few more. I have done this one covered - Mrs D kindly donated an old handkerchief to make the covering, washed with PVA, it's set rock hard, and could be painted. I have have left this without a horse team as I wanted some flexibility to use it just parked in town. I will do some separate teams later. The figures are just to give the scale they were painted a while ago.

So that puts me nicely over par for a third of the way in - clears out a a raft of commission work, so i can start looking at giving James a run when I turn to my own Mahdists, 1000's of em!

Them's fightin' words - I'm looking forward to a points brawl at the top of the standings!

Lovely work as usual Dave. I have a soft spot for Napoleonics and that Marmont scratches it nicely. I particularly like the ADC getting ready to haul himself into the saddle...

This selection will give Dave a base of 205 points but I'm adding another 12 points for the conversion on Marmont and the chuckwagon cover so 217. Cracking job!


  1. Wow! What a fabulous post, I feel somewhat humbled!

    1. ;-) crack on Michael.... i did enjoy them , got some good un's planned coming up

  2. Great stuff I have 3 of those carts to build myself. Loving all the old school in this comp
    Peace James

  3. Lots of things to admire there, especially the careful conversion work on Ney, the reheaded gunfighter in the centre, and the checked shirt on the man by the wagon. All wonderful stuff, and the extra points well deserved.

  4. Really nice. How did you do the wagon - lots of washes over the wood as it is? Came out really nice.

    1. Phil - it's just thinned down 50/50 brown colour washed on across each plank - i do similar on old west buildings - it works well enough to pick out the area the you highlight. Sometimes a second application is required if the mdf absorbs too much - but it was not needed in this case.

  5. Just love the Nap's, I always admire your conversion work. Hell I admire ALL your work



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