Tuesday, January 22, 2013

From ChrisP: 15mm WWII American Support (240 points)

From Chris:
So, me again. With more 15mm US. Just for something different right?
This time, I have some support stuff.
First up is a Weapons Platoon, made up of 4 Browning M1919 Light Machine Guns- 2 of which are in transit, two set up firing. There are also three 60mm light mortars, and a single command team. Miniatures from battlefront, painting done exactly the same way that I have done everything else for my US so far!

Then we have the infantry support for my four 3 inch Anti-Tank Guns. This is made of three carbine teams and four bazooka teams, making for a pretty horrific ambushing platoon!

Next up is a platoon of 4.2" Chemical Mortars. Initially designed to throw chemical munitions (hence the name), they were pressed into service in the second world war to fire conventional rounds. The platoon is 4 4.2" mortars., a command team and an observer team. 

Lastly, we have a bit of a weird platoon. It is a Roadblock platoon, taken from the Combat Engineers. This platoon represents one of the many roadblocks set up by the engineers during the Battle of the Bulge. Comprising of a mix of engineers, bazookas and whatever anti-tank weapons they could cobble together, these units were tasked with holding up the German offensive, trying to slow it down as much as possible to allow for a more stable defensive line to be created. This roadblock consists of 2 pioneer rifle teams, a command team, 2 bazooka teams, 1 M1917 HMG and a 3" anti-tank gun, borrowed or found somewhere! This 3" gun is an old Battlefront casting, so it is not as crisp as their modern ones, but i found it in a bitz box (along with most of the rest of the platoon actually) so figured I would paint it up.

Another platoon of combat engineers, meaning that I can now run a Combat Engineer company from the latest Bulge books that Battlefront have released. I have always had a soft spot for the engineers of that period, notorious odd balls, who were tasked with what was very close to being the impossible in stopping the armoured spearheads of Peiper or the 21st Panzer. 

Through tough defense, some creative booby traps and mines and tenacious use of any and all AT assets they had, they were able to stall the armoured advances and to allow for a more solid defense to be created behind them.
I am on to something different now, there is still a bit more US to do, but I really need a change. I have started to notice my quality slip, so time for something new!
Something 28mm I think....

Wow, you did a great job concentrating on this project and getting it done. Great work Chris!

This collection will give Chris another 240 points to add to his total.


  1. Really cool looking work,they look great


  2. You make it sounds like I have finished with my 15mm US, I wish that were the case but there are yet more things to do! I am just going to have a wee break, mainly to keep what little is left of my fragile sanity!

  3. Great painting Chris, well worth the points!!!

  4. A really splendid set of figures, with some fantastic history behind them. I love the variety you've built into the unit. Top class work, Sir!


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