Tuesday, January 22, 2013

From RossM: 28mm Spartans, Dark Age Casualties & Ronin #36 (36 points)

Another Old Sweat from last year's Challenge makes his debut. Ross sends in these great Spartan skirmishers, Dark Age casualties and his Challenge Ronin.

From Ross:
Here are my first entries for the painting competition.
First up we have a skirmisher stand for Impetus made up of two Gorgon Studios Spartan ekdromoi that are being used as Skiratia. The figures are 28mm and are excellent sculpts to paint.

The next painted figure is the Ronin for your collection.This figure comes from Dixon Miniatures and is 25mm in scale. The figure in comparison to some other 25/28mm scale figures is small, but then we are all different sizes. I hope that this figure fits in well with your other Ronin and whilst not really my period I did enjoy painting this as a one off.

The next group are two Dark ages Casualty markers from Old Glory; again these are 25/28mm in scale and will be used as markers for Impetus and SAGA.

My next entries will include some 20mm WW2 German artillery/AT Guns and crew, 28mm Vikings for SAGA and 28mm Myceneaens for Impetus.

Great stuff Ross. I believe those Spartans are Steve Saleh sculpts whose work I've always admired. Also, I really like the samurai, especially the yellow you've chosen and how it ties in with the groundwork - Excellent and Thank You!

These lads will give Ross 36 points. Well done and welcome back Ross!


  1. great first entry, love the spartans alway wanted to do a spartan army myself...too many armies/eras too little time
    Peace James

  2. Thanks James. The Spartan army was a first choice for me and everytime I think its finished I find another reason to add to it.


  3. What a nice mix of periods, looking forward to more from you


  4. Nice work. The Spartans are really sharp, and that samurai looks fierce, almost a wolfman style hairdo going on there. His basing is really top notch. And does that poor guy in the last photo have an axe in his head? Ouch!


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