Tuesday, January 22, 2013

From IanH: 28mm Napoleonic French Grenadiers & Pulp Van (75 points)

From Ian:
I've had a few busy weeks with my daughters 1st birthday followed by a weekend away which has left me with very little hobby time in January.
I did however manage to finish off some Victrix Napoleonic French Old Guard Grenadiers. I know there is currently no standard the unit, I'm due an order with the Flag Dude which I intend on picking up at Salute in April which should contain standards for all my Napoleonic French.
Additionally I've done a quick repaint on 1918 Crossley van, this just seemed perfect for our Pulp gaming to turn up in strange climes still in use and great for our heroes to gather their hard won gains and make off with them. The car is from Matchbox Lesneys Models of Yesteryear range which seems to fit pretty well with 28mm miniatures. 

Very nice work Ian (and congratulations on your daughter's birthday). Those Grenadiers look fabulous - I quite like the blue you've done for their greatcoats. I also think one of those Crossley's would be a good addition for my WWI collection...

The Grenadiers and the jalopy will give Ian 75 points.


  1. Those French look really nice and the car looks great, top notch


  2. The paneling on that truck is absolutely top notch!

  3. Ah, there you are brother. Good work on the Naps...finally!

  4. Thanks all, looks like I'm going to have to go on a bit of a Napoleonics binge, I've loads to paint so best get them off the painting table so I can get back to enjoying painting pulp characters.

  5. Great work on the Napoleonics and the car looks pretty cool as well!

  6. Nice work all around. Those French are very blue, very striking.

  7. Fantastic painting work. The truck is really nice!


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