Tuesday, January 22, 2013

From KaweWZ: 28mm Napoleonic Hanoverian Jaegers (40 points)

Kawe sends us his first entry of eight Hanoverian Jaegers.

These are from his own excellent miniatures company, Westfalia Miniatures. I believe Paul Hicks is the sculptor.

The formation was raised in 1813 from Foresters and Huntsmen and fought with distinction at the Battle of the Goehrde, the siege of Hamburg and finally in the 100 days campaign and at Waterloo.

Lovely, lovely work Kawe. Their goundwork is also superb. 

This group will give Kawe 40 points. Hmm, I think I may get him to include a set of these with my Challenge Ronin...


  1. Excellent, great advert for your figure range


  2. Thank you gents. And I really need to spice up my blogging -presence. Lately I dumped much to much time into Westfalia without really getting around to paint something.

    Again - thanks to Curt for hosting this competition. It really pushed me to paint.

  3. Lovely sculpts and lovely painting.

  4. Very cool figures with tons of animation and life to them, and brilliantly painted. They are definitely the (wait for it) Jaeger - meisters!

  5. Thank you Gents. I'm Glad you like them.


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