Thursday, January 10, 2013

From ChrisP: 15mm WWII American Infantry 104th 'The Timberwolves' (80 points)

From Chris:
Some 15mm US from Battlefront miniatures. Seeing Michael F's Big Red One reminded me just how bad my old US stuff looked. So, I put it all into the Simple Green (paint stripper) and I have decided to repaint it all! 
I have managed to get the first few units done.
We have a Company HQ, comprised of a Company Commander, 2iC and two Bazooka teams. I have chosen to represent the 104th Infantry Division, the Timberwolves, so like Michael has, I have been adding a company patch to their shoulders. Although, my phone camera is maybe a bit too bad to do it!

Next we have a Combat Engineer platoon (see top image), made up of 7 Engineer rifle teams and 4 Bazooka teams. I have used some Battlefront obstacles to remind me that they are engineers, they are clearing an anti-tank obstacle or some such.
Pretty simple paint scheme and basing, but I am really happy with how they came out. I think a comparison between old/new will have to come with the next update....

That is a great redux of an old force - I look forward to the before and after shots.

These Timberwolves will give Chris 80 points.


  1. good stuff, love the extra work on the base's too
    Peace James

  2. These are nice, good to see WWII with such a strong following in quality and quantity