Thursday, January 10, 2013

From KevH: 28mm Wars of the Roses - Edward IV's Retinue & Warwick's Handgunners (104 points)

From Kev:
These are 28mm War of the Roses. Perry miniatures plastics. Part of an ongoing huge commission.
First up are 8 x Hangunners from Warwicks retinue.

Followed by 6 x Mounted Men at Arms from Edward IV's retinue (see above as well).
Great plastic figures and a real pleasure to paint.
Very nice Kev. This is a period that I desperately want to get into but I know that once I start it will be all-consuming. I'll have to block out a year in preparation ...and a trip to the UK to research primary source material!

Edward's retinue and Warwick's handgunners will give Kev a base of 100 points but I'm adding another 4 for the standards. Well done!


  1. These look great, so we can expect more of these then.


  2. Nice work Kev, it's a great period to paint, but a very confusing one to research!

    1. I must agree Ray, everyone kept changing sides.
      They also changed the livery on occasions, a great period in our history though

  3. great work Kev, look forward to seeing more soon
    Peace James

  4. Cheers Guys, yep they will be plenty more, part of a 700 figure commission. They are fun to build and paint though.


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