Thursday, January 10, 2013

From IanW: 15mm Achaemid Persian Cavalry (96 points)

From Ian:
I worked on these between sessions on the investigators so I did not have a lot to finish off yesterday.
Sixteen of the twenty four figures were bought for me by my kids for my birthday last March but I needed another eight figures to make up two units.

I got these at Donnington but that's as close as they got to being painted. So it was a goal for the painting challenge to do them. 
With these 24 my Late Achaemid Persian Army is as good as complete. I will paint up a few more Hoplites and I can still go more cavalry if I desire but unless I get involved in a campaign I really can call it here. 
I'm not a big fan of the bases of Essex figures though the figures themselves are fine. I expect to get these on the table before the month is out. 

A strikingly colourful unit and its made all the better with most of the figures being a gift from your children. You've raised them right!

This horde of Persian cavalry will give Ian a very healthy 96 points to add to his total.


  1. A very nicely painted an imposing force. Best, Dean

  2. A really colourful unit, Ian. Very nice.

  3. Excellent figures Ian, what don't you like about the Essex bases?
    @ Curt - Great counter!

  4. love the bright colours I strugle to get anything looking bright on my figures. Nice to see you kids know what you want for gifts
    Peace James

  5. Thanks guys,

    @ Ray, it's how thin the base is, I normally hold figs in place with bluetac whilst painting but have to superglue these down. Also have to superglue and hold each figure till it's held. Just a pain, though I understand they do this to cut costs. It's not a major issue until I am painting a bunch at once.


    1. I gotta agree with you on that one Ian, it drives me mad as well!


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