Thursday, January 10, 2013

From TimG: 20mm WWII Soviet T-50 Tank & Trucks (36 points)

From Tim:
Originally finished in 'winter' camo, I recently repainted this T-50 light tank in a more conventional hue. The model is an old (early 1990s) Red Star resin kit.
The T-50 was intended to replace the T-26 series and featured a number of improvements in running gear and armour layout. 
As war neared, however, some clever comrade noticed that it cost nearly as much to produce a T-50 as it did to make one of the new T-34 medium tanks. Which certainly explains why you may not have seen one before!
I did say it was a light tank - here is the T-50 next to an ArmourfastT-34
My recently completed batch of 20mm Soviet vehicles included these lorries. 
They will probably end up as part of an Army level LOG column. 
The fuel tanker is a plastic kit of East European origin while the other lorry is a die cast toy.

Very nice work Tim. It's amazing how huge that T-50 model is in comparison to the T-34, especially for a light tank. In reality, I wonder what the tonnage difference was? 

These three vehicles will give Tim 36 points.


  1. Nice work - love the unique green for Russian vehicles. Best, Dean

  2. Very cool, really like the style.

  3. These are very nice, gt to love the tin boxes that made up some of the Russian forces



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