Thursday, January 10, 2013

From GregB: 15mm Syrian T-62 Tanks (12 points))

From Greg:
Back to my 15mm Golan Heights Project. Two more 15mm tanks, T-62s for the Syrians. These are QRF castings - again very, very poor casting quality, but still a lot better than any other options I've seen. 
The bases are from Warbases, a great outfit that is replacing Litko as my "go-to" for basing requirements.  They offer great quality, great service and super-fast turn around on orders.  
I just finished these recently - you can still see the glue drying on the groundwork. 
These raise my total complement of Syrian T-62s to thirteen tanks - a whole company, plus some command!  More than enough to threaten the IDF on the gaming table!

Wow, up to thirteen T-62s now? That is impressive. I can't wait to see them all arrayed on the table with the IDF as well.

These two tanks will give Greg 12 points.


  1. These look great, you obviously got past the problems with the models


  2. Lovely models. I do like a T-62 - when I started 'modern' wargaming they were a frontline tank!

    1. No worries Tim - the T-62 saw frontline service with the Russian army in the war with Georgia. It's still got lots of frontline service ahead :-)

  3. Really impressive painting Greg, nice one!


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