Friday, January 11, 2013

From PhilH: 28mm Pulp Adventurers (30 pooints)

From Phil:
Entry number three and more Pulp goodness. I am completely off the pace in the challenge and struggling to build up momentum in my hobby time - these should have been a quick two-night job but took over a week. First, a handful of Indian infantry. I attach a picture of what I was going for, no prize for naming the film!
They are Newline Designs sculpts, picked up in a recent sale. This was my first order from them and I was disappointed, more so because I ordered the wrong sculpts - Hindu infantry would have been better. The poses are a bit wooden, the details soft and the casting poor, with lots of filing and filling necessary to rectify some quite bad pitting. I won't deny that I am spoiled by usually buying excellent Perry and Artizan sculpts. Still, they were reasonably priced and will suffice to save our heroes from peril. I have no idea about the historical accuracy here, this is very much a film homage, what else is Pulp for?As with all of my entries, they haven't been varnished yet (I hate that job), so some bits may be a bit shiny. 

Next up, another antagonist to spoil our heroes' plans in a future adventure. A Russian or Eastern European hard man for hire, a fabulously menacing sculpt, but perhaps not an original paint job! 
Finally, what was going to be my first attempt at retaining the 'Sarah's Choice' award. Alas, you've tweaked the rules so this blonde warrior-woman won't qualify. She is an 'Hour of Glory' character and I have an alternate sculpt still to paint another day. I see her as an SOE agent, having been inspired by a small but moving memorial to them I accidentally found a while back in central London. Her uniform isn't ideal for behind enemy lines work, but it kept her colour-themed with my Commandos. 
Next up? Greatcoated Germans. Time to re-watch some Band of Brothers for inspiration! 

What great fun Phil! I know these took a bit of work but the final results are great. 

To all, please keep a lookout for a missive from Mlle Sarah as I think she will be tweaking her requirements for the 'Sarah's Choice Award'. Stay tuned.

These Pulp adventurers will give Phil 30 points.


  1. great entry, some real character
    Peace James

  2. Great looking miniatures and paintjob! Love the indians.

  3. Great work Phil..there is something about this Pulp stuff strangely compelling

    1. Thanks Dave. I find the whimsical nature of it the compelling part. Plenty of scope for fun and variety.

  4. These are nice indeed, bags of character


  5. Love the paintjob on the Russian hard man for hire. Top painting Sir!


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