Friday, January 11, 2013

From KevH: 15mm ACW Mounted Command & Ronin #24 (50 points)

Kev is becoming a going concern for those at the top of the points roster. Here he leapfrogs forward once again with this great entry consisting of a  group of ACW mounted officers and his Challenge levy: Ronin #24.

From Kev:
These are 15mm mounted officers and command for ACW. There are 10 figures and all are 15mm Peter Pig castings. They are unbased as they are a commission to be based by the owner.
The owner is Andy Saunders, lol.
This is part of a large commission in payment for terrian he has made for my games room. I have already done a load of rebs for him, they are on his blog.
Here is my Samurai entry. 25mm Dixon Miniature.
I decided to go for a Black and Red look. I then decided to add a yellow pattern to his tunic and a Leopard skin scabbard. Black lacquered armour with a slight shine. Tufty base.

Excellent work Kev - I love the yellow pattern on the samurai (the scabbard is brilliant) - Thanks so much! The Yank mounted officers are great as well but I will need to adjust their score as they are not based.

Ronin #24 and the ACW Officers will give Kev 50 points. Well done!


  1. Not concern, we all meet him with stick buns and a cup of Joe.

    These are nice and the Ronin is terrific


  2. Fantastic Ronin. These models from "Dixon Miniatures" are very nice. Wonderful colours!


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