Wednesday, December 26, 2012

From ChrisP: 15mm & 28mm Vietnam Era Americans & ANZACs (127 points)

Chris sends us a selection of Vietnam era figures in two scales representing two armies: American and ANZAC.

From Chris:
First up, is 6 15mm Vietnam US Infantry from the 101st Airborne, from Battlefront Miniatures. It is a few grunts with M16's, a Staff Sergant with a Colt 45 (the mini represents Plumley from Ia Drang fame) and a trooper with an M72 LAW. 
Bunkers beware, the LAW is here! 
There is a close up of the Sgt, showing the pseudo Screaming Eagle on his shoulder.
Continuing with 15mm Vietnam theme, we have a 4 tube battery of 81mm mortars. For immediate fire on target, you can't go past the 81mm for quick effect on target. 
Then we are into a different sector, this time in 28mm!
We have 24 Eureka Miniatures ANZACs, from their Vietnam Range.

I have chosen to paint them up as New Zealanders (because I can), which means there is a mix of Pakeha (european) and Maori. Unlike the Second World War, where the two were kept in distinct battalions, they were together in Vietnam. Anyway, the models are lovely, a few have a bit of a case of giant hands or mush face, but it really is only a couple out of the whole lot. Predominantly they all are equipped with the SLR (Self Loading Rifle, or L1A1), but the scouts were equipped either with an Owen Gun, which is a very light SMG (see close up), or they were equipped with an American M16 rifle, for the higher rate of fire capability. ANZAC machinegunners were equipped with the M60, so no suprises what my two gunners have! There are also 4 ANZACs for whom the war isn't going so well, and are taking a nap in an awkward pose...

I kept the paint scheme pretty simple, I wanted dull, muted colours to suit the jungle that they operated in. Any bright clothing got quickly drenched in the high humidity, meaning it didn't stay bright for long! 
You've done a great job on these, Chris. Those Eureka models are particularly fine with a realistic effect achieved reflecting the muted, sweat-soaked uniforms.

This collection will get 127 points for Chris. Well done!


  1. very nice, love the muted scheme on youe Anzacs

  2. Great stuff! nice to see the same period in two scales, looking forward to more as the challenge goes on


  3. They're looking great Chris at this rate you'll make a pretty good dent in your pile of lead


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