Wednesday, December 26, 2012

From MarkB: 18mm Napoleonic Austrians (160 points)

Mark here has more Napoleonic Austrians for us to enjoy, this time it's a beefy battalion of German infantry.

From Mark:
Here is my next group of miniatures.  40 Austrian Infantry and one mounted officer.  This makes up one Battalion of the Bealieu Infantry Regiment no. 58.  
This regiment was part of the V Corps, FML Reuss-Plauen division in April 1809. There were two battalions of this regiment with this division.  I will need to get more figures to paint up the other battalion.  The figures are 18mm AB figures from Eureka Miniatures USA, I tried these out to see how they compared to Old Glory and they are nice, they paint up very well.
Now I will switch gears again and start on the 28mm Saumari and some F&I 28's I have.

Very nice Mark! Good painting and I really like the mass of this unit, which suits the Austrians to a tee.

This battalion will give Mark 160 points to add to his total. He now has 235 points which handily exceeds his estimate of 200 (and we're not even a week into the Challenge...). Mark, I think you may have to send me in a new (and more 'challenging') target number. :)

Addendum: Mark has decided to up the ante and has set a new target of 600 points. Based on his work so far I don't think he'll have too much trouble meeting that.


  1. Nice work mate. I like a mounted officer in a unit of foot. It just seems to set things off really well.

  2. Very good work, love the effect of such a packed unit. Well done for being the first to exceed your target
    Peace James

  3. They are rather lovely, always a little worried about painting white uniforms myself.

  4. These look so very nice, love the mass effect. Adding a second battalion will really give them a presence! Good job it's not 28mm ;-)


  5. Yes, Mark, you need a new challenge mark, or a break for a time!!!

    Very nice unit.

  6. A hefty and well painted unit! Seems to underscore the adage that "God is on the side of the big battalions".
    Well done, Mike


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