Wednesday, December 26, 2012

From Millsy: 28mm English Civil War Commanded Shotte (120 points)

Millsy from Australia managed to dodge brushfires to send in this very nice Forlorn Hope of Royalist shotte.

From Millsy:
Here we have 24 x English Civil War Royalist Shotte from Northampton’s Regiment of Foote. These are mostly Renegade with a smattering of what I *think* are Old Glory courtesy of fleabay. 
There are approximately 20 different colours used here (7 browns for starters) but you can’t really tell. Unfortunately the weather meant outside photography was impossible so the pics are very ordinary. 
There are also 16 pike for a total of 40 figs in the unit but these were completed before the comp so don’t count. Next up some senior commanders plus a bunch of officer stands for these and my other three pike and shotte units.

These men in the service of the King will give Millsy 120 points to mark his entry on the points roster. Excellent work!


  1. They are excellent; the balance of the colours is very good!!

  2. Very nice job there great colours very cool

  3. Nice work. Dang, I'm going to get some painting done soon!

  4. I love them, of course as they are ECW and Royalist to boot you had the inside track but no matter, they really do look great.


  5. great looking unit I do love the Renegade mini's
    Peace James

  6. Thanks lads...

    Ian, good to see someone else who is neither a rebel nor a traytor, but a loyal servant of thee Kyng. ;-)

    James, yes Renegade are truly lovely figs aren't they? I'm working on some Bicorne at present which are sculpted by the same chap. Equally lovely to paint and just as full of character.


  7. Dodgy photography or not, they look excellent, nice one!


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