Wednesday, December 26, 2012

From JuanM: 28mm WWII Japanese Infantry & U.S. Paratroopers (40 points)

Juan enters the fray with this excellent group of figures which consists of a squad of Japanese infantry and four United States 'Screaming Eagles' Paratroopers.

From Juan:
I send you some of the models I am painting for our "Bolt Action" projects in the Club Comandante.

They are six Japanese infantry in 28mm from "Brigade Games" I am painting as SNLF, so the green colour has a greater protagonism in them. I expect to paint all the models necessary to play a game based in the Pacific Campaign soon.
Then, two US Paratroops from "Warlord Games", also in 28mm. These are the first I have painted using the "Painting Guide" Warlord has on its web, and I like the result. They are for our Normandy Campaing games (but I´m thinking in "Objetive Birmania" too...).

Beautiful work Juan. Those Brigade Game Japanese models have great character and your paintwork has done them proud. Also, I'm very impressed with the shoulder flash insignia on the paratroopers - very fine work there as well.

These eight figures will give Juan 40 points as his debute onto the Challenge Points Roster.


  1. Juan - great figures, your painting is superb.

    I'm also painting both a 28mm Japanese forces (Brigade Games figures) AND a 28mm US paratrooper force from Warlord - I will say your painting is a far sight better than mine!

    Very well done

  2. Great looking figures, nice painting and base work
    Peace James

  3. Great work Juan! They look lovely!

  4. These are superb, I just love the characterful Japanese sculpts.

  5. These are terrific, the Japanese really are nice. I have been useing the Artizan guids, may well go and look at the Warlord as well


  6. I've been waiting for your first entry Juan and it certainly didn't disappoint. Really nice painting

  7. Thank you for this entry, Juan. You have set the bar very high for the rest of us. Your brushwork is stunning, no other word for it. Each one of these figures is a gem. Brilliant!

  8. Beautiful painting and basing Juan. Love the half dressed Japanese.

  9. Wonderful painting Juan on some figures full of character!


  10. Really like the wounded Japanese troops, great paintwork.


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