Tuesday, December 25, 2012

From GregB: 28mm Colonial Gordon Highlanders (36 points)

Greg sends in a wonderful detachment of 28mm Gordon Highlanders to add to his Colonial collection.

From Greg:
This submission is six 28mm Highlanders from the Perry's Sudan collection.  These models are meant to represent the Gordon Highlanders.  Painting six Highlanders is just enough to make you insane, with the tartan, the sporran and the hose. 

I did my best to approximate the plaid on the kilt.  I do love that they are present in the Sudan campaigns, however, despite the frustrations in painting them.  The bonkers outfits are highly evocative of colonial battles to my mind, and they are a favourite to have on the table! 

You did a beautiful job on these Jocks, Greg. I agree, the kilt can be a real bear, but when they're done right they look superb, which your's certainly do. I'm going to give an extra point for each model due to the work put into those 'man skirts', so 36 points total.


  1. great work on the tarten, I have 18 of the bu**ers to paint, hope I can do half as good a job as you have.
    Peace James

  2. Superb! What a great job Sir and like you, I feel that there is nothing better than a unit of Highlanders on the table!

  3. I think you nailed it, so all the work was worth it


  4. They are really nice; the tartan is very, very good!!!

  5. Excellent work agree, lovely figures from a period I would like to get into some day. Curt makes a wise decision in giving you extra points for the bonnie wee kilts.

  6. Thanks very much guys. I found this website very helpful in terms of trying to paint the tartan:


    If you have Highlanders pending, I recommend giving this site a look.

  7. Excellent work they look perfect some real skill there


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