Sunday, January 26, 2014

From AndrewS: 20mm Ancient Briton Warbands (300 points)

Not wishing to be eclipsed by Kent and Kev, Andrew unleashes these three units of Ancient Britons to vault him back into the lead.

From Andrew:
This is the last of the Ancient Britons for now – once again these are all 20mm newline metals, with a couple of Italeri too make up the numbers.
In total there are three lots of 24 figure warbands for a total of 72 figures.
I have spent a fair bit of time with these, and as well as the tartans and stripes, I have gone to town on both the colours and freehand work on the shields to make these a glorious thump of colour. 

I am sure I have a few bolts loose up top myself, as I actually thought doing checked patterns on shields this size would be fun. I soon realized that it was damned hard work but carried on to make every shield unique.

These buggers will be ready to shed some big nose blood in my next encounter on the battlefield with Kev.

I dunno, I'm getting a nosebleed trying to comprehend all the work, skill and speed put into this force. Wow! Beautiful stuff Andrew. Again, as the other Britons you've submitted, these are wonderful. I love the vibrant colours and the attention spent to make them all unique and characterful. Bravo!

These three warbands of Britons will give Andrew 300 points which includes extra for the marvellous shields, plaids and tartan trews. Great job!


  1. Your painting speed is just amazing! And the quality that you achieve at that speed is just unbelievable

  2. Golly that is a fair few Britain's Not that you can ever have enough. But what great additions to the force. Thump of colour you say, Thump the Romans I say. Only one thing better than Nicely painted Britain's and that is Nicely dead Romans.

  3. Wow incredible work they look great wonderful vibrant colours, i love the shield work well worth every point

  4. Oh dear Lord, that is an astonishing entry!

  5. Great job there Andrew. Really like the range of colours.

  6. Outstanding work! Your work on the shiels is absolutely amazing.

  7. Awesome stuff again buddy, that is one mean looking bunch.
    The ancient brits are quite large now.
    With my force aswell, that makes 10 warbands with still more to come
    You done an amazing job on these, just a pity my pasta munchers are gonna munch em, lol

  8. I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! ;)

  9. Awesome entry Loki. How you manage to paint so much detail so quickly is amazing.

  10. They are wonderdul; a fantastic painting work!

  11. That's a great looking warband Andrew!


  12. What a cracking entry mate! All those shields and plaids!

  13. Fantastic, although I can't decide whether to give up painting altogether or work harder to achieve results like this. Who am I kidding, I'm too compulsive to give up painting.


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