Sunday, January 26, 2014

From AlanD: 15mm WWII Soviet Armour (82 points)

From Alan:
Flitting butterfly-like from project to project, I have cleared some 15mm Russian vehicles from the lead mountain this week. These are all destined for Battle Group Kursk (best game ever), with the exception of the T34/85, which suggests that I will soon start painting things for Battlegroup Fall of the Reich.
The models are a real mixed bag. First up, here are a couple of Katyushas from Zvezda. As with all the 15mm Zvezda kits, the models fit together beautifully. As they are intended as gaming pieces some compromises are made with detail, such as only having rockets on the top of the launching rails, but they are nice little kits nevertheless.
At the other end of the model engineering scale, next are is a radio command truck and a couple of Gaz jeeps from QRF. These are very rudimentary metal kits, with the radio van in particular suffering from lots of mould lines and a reluctance from any parts to actually fit properly. The jeep base with the two pointing chaps will act as a forward observer in BGK, the other is a command base for a motorised platoon. The figures are all from Plastic Soldier Company. I like these a lot, but my army is starting to suffer from officers and NCOs all feeling the need to point at things.

Next up, a SU76 and White Scout Car from Command Decision. These are very nice models, and I particularly like all the stowage on the Scout Car. In BGK this will act as a Recce unit, carrying a squad of 6 men. I've modelled them on a separate base, complete with a tree demolished by an artillery shell.

Finally, a resin knocked-out T34/85 from Peter Pig. Despite obvious compromises with detail to mould it in one piece, I really like this model, which will act as an objective marker.

Sadly, the supplier had run out of T34/76s, so this is destined for Fall of the Reich. Being enormously pedantic I probably can't bear to use it in a Kursk game.
Great stuff! I particularly like the ungainly Katyusha trucks, the Gaz jeeps and the grim knocked-out T34. 

Alan, you are a one-man ad campaign for this game! You've done such a great job being a booster that I'm ordering a copy today. Mission accomplished.

This selection of Soviet men and vehicles will provide Alan 82 points to add to his growing tally. Nice!


  1. Great work mate, top notch as always, though your points tally is looking a bit daunting. You need to play more and paint less to lets us catch up! Well done on making the top 10.

    "my army is starting to suffer from officers and NCOs all feeling the need to point at thing" - a realistic depiction of most military forces my friend!

    Curt - you are not alone in falling to Alan's love of this game. I am a whole hearted convert too!

  2. Amazing work - hard to believe they are 15mm!

  3. There are some lovely vehicles there. I do like the ruined T34. I might have to get a ruined German tank for my objective though! I am also going to have a look at the game you mention.

  4. Well done! I especially like the SU-76.

  5. Very nice work Alan. Having assembled some Katys myself way back when you have my admiration / sympathy...


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