Sunday, January 26, 2014

From Millsy: 28mm Warhammer 40K Servitors & Terminators ( 67 points)

From Millsy:
Unfortunately work has re-entered my life [sad face]. Coupled with a nasty pinched nerve in my neck and my painting time has been severely restricted of late. I've managed to grind some stuff out though, even at a much reduced pace and volume.
This entry is an addition to my 40K Space Marine force. First up we have another eight Servitors in the two chapter colours of red and green. I have absolutely no need for these chaps number-wise as I already had four complete. However, I love the models and wanted all sorts of weapon options so they've been painted anyway. I won't be adding any more now though. I hope... :-) 

The second half of the entry is my first unit of Terminators. They're armed with all the usual goodness for shooting up all manner of nasties at both long and short range. We still play 4th edition hence the double heavy weapon load out. 

They had their debut yesterday and ripped through plenty of stuff including a unit of IG Ogryns, helping me to a solid win. Normally anything I paint and run out first time fails miserably so it was a pleasant surprise indeed!

Great work Millsy! I particularly like the servitors with their cadaverous blue-hued skin. The whole idea of using society's miscreants (i.e teenagers) as biological parts to create mindless servitors is somehow strangely appealing to me.

These two units from the dark dystopian 41st millenium will give Millsy 67 points. 


  1. Well done Millsy! Hope your neck gets to feeling better.

  2. Whoah! Fantastic work by Michael!

  3. Great work! I like the pale skin on the servitors! They look suitable cold and emotionless

  4. Not into 40k. But these do look good. Very nice work.

  5. Sorry to hear about your neck. Very nice Oldspacehammer stuff.

  6. Very cool Millsy. As others have said, you nailed the skin tone on the Servitors.
    And Terminators are always wonderful models, and yours are very, very sharp.

  7. Nice work! The skin of the servitors came out especially nice.

  8. Nicely done! As great as the marines are, my favorite of this batch are the servitors. Usefull figures for any Imperial faction and are kinda like minor character figures. You detailed them nicely! ;)

  9. Lovely work as usual, Mr Mills. Glad to hear that the termies actually survived their first outing as well!

    Hope the neck resolves itself soon, you can't lose momentum this late in the show!

  10. Thanks folks. The neck is slowly improving and so is the output.

    Regards the skin tone and the use of the younger generation as mobile hardware... My son is close to the same colour and if you offered him the option to have a Playstation installed somewhere within his person I'm sure he'd take you up on the offer...


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