Sunday, January 26, 2014

From EdwinK: 54mm Zulu War Colonial British Infantry (180 points)

Edwin's lucky nephew is about to receive these fine reinforcements to his growing collection.

From Edwin:
Here are some more 54mm toy soldiers for my nephew's collection.  Ideal for counterpane wars ;)

The are Armies in Plastic Set 5573 'Zulu War 1879, 24th Foot' (though to be honest the only difference between the various regiments they sell is the box art and the colour of the plastic they are molded in - these are a lurid red).  
It's a nice set though - 18 figures in six different poses.

Awesome! Your nephew will be delighted with these I'm sure. I especially like the floral quilt terrain that they are deployed on. If I squint my eyes a bit I see a detachment of Victoria's finest deploying onto the surface of Mars to claim it for the Empire.

These 54mm soldiers will give Edwin 180 points - only 3 away from his Challenge target. Well done!


  1. Truly nostalgic! Love the old school 54mm "toy soldier" look. Best, dean

  2. Very nice Edwin, i do like the aip stuff in 54's.
    Had some aip myself, i zm still tempted to do the fiw m&t in 54mm.

  3. Edwin
    Spiffing great stuff - right out of RL Stevenson.
    Cheers and Tally ho

  4. Wonderful toy soldiers Edwin - I'm sure your nephew will really love these :)

  5. Your Nephews a very lucky lad these are wonderful great work

  6. Now THIS I call oldschool! Nice work. And what a lovely blanket ;-) looks like from the same period as the figures.

  7. You have a lucky nephew, very nice figures


  8. How absolutely delightful! Bravo Edwin.

  9. Stout lads indeed. I wish my uncle had given me painted miniatures as a kid!

  10. These look like just the sort of things I would have wanted when I was young. Alas I had to do my own painting and they would never look anywhere as good as these.

  11. These are great. I love it that you painted them for your nephew. I also love the beards.

  12. Thanks for your kind comments guys!

    My wife thought I added the beards because of my own, but they were if fact details on the molding!


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