Saturday, January 25, 2014

From KevH: 28mm Wars of the Roses, 20mm Crusades & Challenge Desperado (200 points)

From Kev:
Here we go with my latest random set of miniatures for the Challenge.
28mm WotR. All Perry's and a mix of plastic and metal. All for the nearly finished WotR project. First up are a small unit of Exeter's Dismounted Men at Arms (8 figs with command)

Followed by John Neville, Lord Montagu, command stand. 

Then we have the Crusades again. First up are the Crusader Turcople light cavalry. Two small units of 4 mounted. All 1/72 Strelets. Done in a very typical turcoman style.

Then we have the first of the Saracen Heavy infantry. A unit of Mamluk H/I with bows. (16 figs with command) 
Once again, these are all Strelets 1/72 plastics. Great little chunky figures.
I mixed the bow armed and spear armed in the ranks to represent the mixed fighting capability of these troops. Spears to the front and the bows behind. A fancy flag to add to their prestige amongst the Saracen horde.
My final entry in this lot is the Mexican. This is my Challenge entry figure for Curt (hope he likes it).
The figure was given to me by Loki, as last year I gave him the Samurai. He had the Cowboy to paint and I had the Mexican, and here he is. 
A foul looking desperado, if ever their was one. 28mm Foundry, I think. Cacti, courtesy of Loki.
Wow! What a fabulous mixture of miniatures. Kev, I've been a great fan of your WOTR since I saw them last year - gorgeous work on the subdued armour and heraldry. Your Turcople cavalry and Saracens are marvellous as well. It's such a treat seeing this army come together before our very eyes. Finally, thank you for the fabulous Mexican gunslinger - I look forward to him taking his place next to the other Challenge Desperados in my display cabinet!

This fine selection of figures will give Kev 200 points, which includes a few extra points added for the excellent painted shields and heraldry. Lovely work Kev! 

The battle for the top three points position continues to heat up!


  1. Very nice work and some well deserved bonus points.

  2. Very nice mix of well painted figures Kev :)

  3. Love the desperado, nice cacti too

  4. Considering how fast you paint mate the quality is outstanding. Love the colours.

  5. Kev
    Lovely stuff. It frustrates me no end that you get better detail on 20mm arabs than I do on 28mm arabs.

  6. Lovely stuff. Those strelets figures paint up very nicely.

  7. I like everything shown here today but with my name I have to say I have a soft spot for the desperado! Excellent work all round.

  8. Really like these entries as everyone has said really nice brush work, some real skill here keep up the great work

  9. Really nice mix of periods; I really like your painting work.

  10. More excellent figures. It's good to see the top three spots held by great painters who are pouring out the figures


  11. Great stuff Kev. I particularly like how the Strelets figures are coming out. Beautiful work.


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