Saturday, January 25, 2014

From BrendonW: 28mm Dark Age Noble, Hound, Banner Bearer, Peasant & Cart (45 points)

More Dark Age goodness (?) from Brendon:
Here is another group I finished very recently.

28mm Dark Ages. Mounted Noble with a dismounted version is Crusader, Dog is Foundry, Flag Waver, Horn Blower and peasant and cart are Gripping Beast as is the big flag. Decal on the Shield is LBM. 
I didn't feel the need to keep the dismounted figure the same colours as the mounted version. I am really happy to get the baggage cart completed as that means in this challenge I have three larger bases of figures for the Saga escort mission. The big green flag will be a talking point in games for years to come I think.

Wonderful collection of figures Brendon. And, really, who can deny a faithful Irish Wolfhound? Your flag is brilliant! It reminds me of 'The Fighting Man' banner described in Julian Rathbone's excellent  novel 'The Last English King' (highly recommended to any interested in the battles of 1066).

This group will give Brendon 45 points. Very nice!


  1. Very very nice, love the banner, and the paintings great

  2. Very cool warband - love the "Giant" banner!

  3. Top work mate. The flag is a corker! Who wouldn't fear to face that?!?

  4. Great stuff. Gotta love the owl hound. And the giant on the banner seems very…armed

  5. Outstanding! The banner is hilarious - it looks like it's based on the Cerne Abbas Giant

  6. Very nice. I find it interesting that the dark ages are now a popular wargames period having been neglected to many years. It is an interesting period and very nice to see forces assembled for this period. Very good work.


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