Saturday, January 25, 2014

From JamesL: 28mm WWII German Motorcycle and Sidecar (20 points)

From James:
This time I have my German BMW motorbike with MMG sidecar . Another unit for my upcoming Bolt Action tournament.
The motorbike is representative of a late war Recon unit, and will flee at the first sign of trouble. I had fun trying to paint the goggles on the riders faces , and the basing is representing a dirt track that these recce units would make the most of.
Nice work James. I quite like the compact basing you used for this. Who is the manufacturer of this model? Warlord?

This light recce unit will give James 18 points. 


  1. Nice work James. Can't help noticing all those points looming in the background...

  2. Nice combo, if they ain't dead, they did not look hard enough ;-)


  3. Thank you all, you'll be happy to hear I'm sure the bike performed admirably at the recent Bolt Action tournament. Much better than their general......

  4. Curt, yes indeed Warlord manufactures this model . The basing is watered down GW basing paint, watered down as I found it dried out in the pot quite quickly.....


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