Saturday, January 5, 2013

From TimG: 1:285 WWII Japanese Artillery & Armour (18 points)

More microscale WWII Japanese for Tim's collection. This time artillery and armour.

From Tim:
To assist my 6mm Japanese in their quest for world (or at least regional) domination, I have provided them with these mighty artillery units. The 75mm Infantry Guns may not be the most feared weapons but these chaps look as if they know what they're doing.  The larger gun being towed (by another GHQ Isuzu lorry) is a Heroics & Ros model of a Polish 75mm gun.  Don't tell the Japs.

This rather larger gun is a Scotia model - I found it at the bottom of a box of stuff so it's origins are shrouded in mystery! Whatever it was intended to be, it certainly looks the part and my Japs are very pleased to have it.
There are 1/285 scale GHQ castings of the later 'Shinhoto' version of the Type 97 medium tank. Rather than the stubby 57mm gun of the opriginal, this had a longer 47mm gun which was easily capable of punching a hole in a dry paper bag.

Great work Tim, I really like the camouflage on the tanks (they'll need all the help they can get). Are the little tabs on the rear-left of the bases magnetic for labels?

These forces for the Emperor will give Tim 18 points.


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