Saturday, January 5, 2013

From JuanM: 28mm WWII SU-76 & U.S. Marines (40 points)

From Juan:

At last I have been able to finish my third entry for The Challenge.
The first one is a SU-76 in 28mm from "JTFM Enterprises". These models are really good, very fine and with aditional stowage!!! 
Secondly, I have painted the rest of my first US Marines squad from "Brigade Games".

Excellent job Juan! I agree those JTFM models are excellent and you've done a great job on this one. Also, you've really got the colours down for those Marines. Are these from using a guide from Warlord like your paratroopers?

The tank destroyer and the Marines will give Juan 40 points to add to his total.


  1. That SU-76 looks great, shame they are so easy to take out :-)

    I am sold on those Marines, been looking for some good figures, now will head over and have a good luck at them.


  2. Well done once again Juan.
    What dimension is the base on the SU-76?

  3. What a great vehicle! Only 40 points Curt? Surly an extra few points are needed for here!!

  4. Thank you a lot.
    @Curt: This time I have not used a pianting guide, only the many Vallejo pots I have on my table...
    @Greg B: The dimension of the base is: 5,5 x 9 cm.


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