Saturday, January 5, 2013

From TamsinP: 28mm Vikings (120 points)

From Tamsin:

As my third entry for the Challenge, I present a bunch of naughty Norsemen. Figures are 28mm plastics from Gripping Beast, based individually for Saga. 

The shields are handpainted (and I do know that a couple need to be touched up - curse close up pics!). I do have some shield transfers, but prefer the handpainted look - a lot of the designs on the transfers are clearly intended for shields hanging up in the feasting halls rather than for fighting.

All parts received at least a basecoat and a wash. As you can see, they are wearing their best fighting tunics so do look a little bit more colourful than your typical Dark Ages mob. 

Oh, and if anybody thinks pink is a girly colour....

Excellent work Tamsin, I quite like your basework. And, really, its more of a salmon colour than pink...

These 20 Norsemen will give Tamsin a base of 100 points but, like last year, I'm going to add a point per hand-painted shield in recognition of the extra effort required.


  1. Some nice fellows you have there. A lot of elite troops wore pink so I hope this means he will do well for you


  2. Hmmm, the comment I posted has vanished.

    @ curt - I didn't know about the bonus points for hand-painted shields. That changes my plan for the Saxons I'm about to do - i was going to do shield transfers, but won't now! :)

    I've just checked and the pink is "Salmon Rose" (Vallejo MC 70.835)

    1. See, I told you. With that colour he's ready to invade Miami! :0P

  3. Lovely work - however the shields are done :-)

  4. Great work and the extra effort on the shields paid off they look great.
    Peace James

  5. Traditionally in England Red was the colour of Boys. As such traditionally pink (paste red afterall) was seen as a very masculine colour. It is only in the last 150 or so years that this has changed. So I urge you to think with a historical head, and not clouded with contempory views.

    As such pink is a masculine/strong colour. So well done Tamsin for recognising that fact.

  6. Your Salmon Rose band is very nice, very nice.

  7. Nice figures Tamsin, nice work on the shields!

  8. Great job Tamisin and congrats on those extra points for those shields.


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