Saturday, January 5, 2013

From DaveD: 28mm Bromhead, US Marshals & Al Capone (40 points)

From Dave:
As you will see this is not the Napoleonic gentleman in red !- I have had a re-arrange of a commission order so these will be along a little later! So i have had to prep another one instead and in the meantime thought I had better keep the scoreboard moving.
So here is Plan B:-
So first up I give you Lt Gonville Bromhead by Black Scorpion . I did one of these last year as well , but parted with it. The collectors series are limited edition and these are now out of production.

Part of the reason for doing the rifles last time was I had a request for a vignette for a friend who wanted it as present for a birthday - the recipient was very happy! 
I thought I had done all the Cowboys, but while rooting around I came across a mislaid pack - and what a pack it was Artizan Designs Town Marshals - Including a rather dandy "Bat Masterton" complete with bowler and stick.

A finally - I have made up my mind on this years new project - a bit of "Mad Dogs with Guns" 1920's prohibition America. It will use the same bespoke card activation system used in the Cowboys game and a range of different pulp figures (thanks for the distraction Curt) . So who better to start with than one Al Capone by Steve Barber - Prohibition Wars. Complete with an emergency getaway vehicle - no credit to me for that bit - its a straight Lledo Days Gone By - Packard - picked up for under a £1 on ebay! - he has a rather more imposing Rolls Royce on order for a whole 99p 

Phew - a very bitsa week!

Lovely work Dave. Those Marshals are particularly fine and I especially like the pinstripes!

These eight figures will give Dave 40 points. 


  1. Great painting Dave, love the pinstripes!

  2. Lovely job Dave, great to see that Bromhead with some paint on!

  3. Very nice work, Dave. Those figures from Artizan are fantastic!!!

  4. Great work Dave, my next submission is 1920's and yes I have a pinstripe, you just made them look sick LOL.


  5. Holy crap - great painting Dave. I am particularly impressed with the pin stripe suits. Excellent!

  6. They look nice and those strips are great!



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