Saturday, January 5, 2013

From AndrewS: Ronin #1 (25 points)

From Andrew:
I received my Ronin yesterday from Kev at the cabin and set about painting and basing this immediately. After some internet searching I settled on a red and black theme with white undergarments embellished with a pattern. The figure is a 28mm Dixon figure.

To create my version of Ronin #1,  I sculpted a scenic base and poured the water effect knowing that I could decorate the water and get another layer onto it late last night thus sealing the images between the layers. 

I left the armour in gloss varnish as all my searches showed the Lacquered armour to be highly polished. Overall the figure and base took about 7 hours to complete.

Andrew, the addition of the koi pond is off the hook. I love the composition of this figure.

Andrew will get the base 20 points for his Ronin levy but I'm adding another 5 for the custom base. Wonderful job and thank you!


  1. Well that raises the bar of the Ronin figure, mayhap I will need to look for a better contender.


  2. a koi pond now your just showing off, very nice work

  3. a lovely piece. inspired work on the base well done