Monday, January 7, 2013

From MilesR: 28mm ACW Confederate Regiment, German Hanomag & USS Ironsides (147 points)

From Miles:
I have a bit of an eclectic mix of submissions for the competition.
First off is my second 24 figure Confederate Infantry regiment - the 15th Alabama from Law's Brigade at Gettysburg (hmm the second unit from that battle, I wonder is that's a hint on my next big project…) 
Like the first unit, these are the new 28mm Perry plastic Confederate Infantry and I can not recommend the figs enough - they are a real pleasure to paint.

Next is a 28mm German Halftrack from Warlord games that I'll use with my Bolt Action armies - I need to start painting the German Infantry.

Lastly there is a 1/600 scale ironclad, the USS Ironsides.  This model is produced by Thoroughbred Figures who make a great range of 1/600 ACW Ironclads

A super mix of toys Miles. I have a few of the Thoroughbred models and I found that they were really fun to work with. What rules do you use with these?  I think that last time we played we used 'Smoke on the Water' (which is such an awesome title for a set of riverine rules).

This varied collection of miniatures will give Miles 147 points.


  1. Good stuff Miles love the weathering on the half track. looks like you have a few more Reb's to do too. Looking forward to seeing more from you
    Peace James

  2. Oh, I've got a lot of rebs to do! At least another 7-10 regiments.

    Curt - I'm currently using Sail and Steam Navies as my Ironclads rules of choice


  3. What a mix indeed and you have to love a Hanomag, really nice figs again


  4. Very nice, Miles. A great mix of models!!!


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