Monday, January 7, 2013

From RayR: 15mm Grand Alliance Cavalry (52 points)

Ray sends in this excellent unit of English cavalry to add to his Grand Alliance / Nine Years War collection.

From Ray:
Here's my 2nd entry into the challenge. 2 Squadrons of Sir John Lanier's Horse or The Queens regt of Horse.
Later they were known as the 1st The King's Dragoon Guards. They were present at both The Boyne and Aughrim in Ireland, then tranferred to Flanders where their commander was killed at the Battle of Steenkirke in 1692. 
The figures are from Essex Miniatures, bases from Warbases and flags by my good self!! 

Wonderful work Ray. This is such a colourful unit and your flags are brill as usual. (What is the chap, second from the right, doing? Falling wounded? Making sure his zipper is up?) Also, when are you and Richard putting on your next game in this period? With your collection as it stands you must be able to put on a fairly large sized engagement now.

This regiment of cavalry will give Ray a base of 48 points but I'm adding another 4 for the banners, so 52 total. Well done!


  1. It begins!

    Very colourful, good stuff.

  2. Very nice, good addition to this campaign and your army


  3. good stuff Ray, this army will be a stunner on the tabletop
    Peace James

  4. Cheers for the comments chaps!
    @ Curt, That poor chap falling from his horse is the leader figure, for some stupid reason Essex decided to have him on a rearing horse. He then looks totally out of place with the rest of the unit, so I use the figure on a normal horse. I've used the figure as a stand alone General, that suits the pose more.

  5. Nice unit Ray, but you're still languishing in 19th place ;p


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