Monday, January 7, 2013

From SteveM: 15mm WWII German Panzers & Ronin #44 (80 points)

From Steve:
A Wargames Factory 28mm samurai. My first samurai painted ever and first time ever even thinking about painting one. Umm. I watched "The Last Samurai" a few years back and am starting learn more about this era because of the contest.

A Flames of War Bergepanther Recovery vehicle. These were important vehicles during WWII, being able to tow even the largest German tanks when called upon.

Flames of War Tiger platoon (see above). This is from the box set of five Tiger 1E tanks. A very important part of the German army. It has a 8.8cm KwK36 gun and was much feared by the allies. I think I remember seeing a stand-in double for the tank during the "The Battle of the Bulge" movie.

A Flames of War Panther A platoon of three tanks.

Excellent job on these German 'cats' and I love the Samurai as well - thanks! For the tanks I'm assuming you used an airbrush for the camouflage? The effect looks great with the weathering and stowage.

Ronin #44 and these tanks will give Steve a base of 74 points but I'm going to tack on another 6 for the detailing/weathering on the vehicles. 80 points even. Very nice work!


  1. love the tanks, great work on the camo and weathering
    Peace James

  2. Great looking tanks Steve!!!! The camo looks great!

  3. Yep those tanks are great, would love to be able to do camo like that


  4. Very impressive tanks, Steve. They certainly look the business.


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