Monday, January 7, 2013

From JamesB: 25mm ECW Scottish Lancers (120 points)

From James:

I think this unit is a prime example of what the Winter challenge is all about, these 12 ECW Scottish Lancers from Foundry have sat at the back of my lead pile for almost 18 months. 

Just a simple quick paint job, these belong to my sister's Father-in-law who Dad and I have converted from a keen Civil War historian to a Wargamer.
A beautiful unit of cavalry James and I'm happy the Challenge has helped bring them out of your lead reserve to the light of day. These older Foundry models, while on smaller side of current offerings, are still very nice castings.

This unit of Scots will give James 120 points. Great job!


  1. This is one of the great things about the challenge, all the unloved stuff on the leadpile gets a lick of paint. Nice one James!

  2. I really like the mix you have for the unit, shame it took so long for them to get to the brush but well worth the wait.


  3. These look really splendid. Although the Foundry ECW range is a little smaller and slimmer than some of the bigger figures around now, it's a super range (and was cutting edge in 1987!). You've done them proud, James - great work!

  4. Fantastic models. The colours are wonderful, perfect for them.


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