Sunday, January 6, 2013

From IanH: 28mm Pulp Adventurers & Minoan Warriors (70 points)

From Ian:
First up I've a number of new Pulp miniatures, a desert guide from Artizan designs who was a lovely miniature to paint, really nice crisp detail and a characterful face. I gave him that interesting shade of ginger beard which may suggest he's Afghan. The second individual is Yusef, once again from Artizan Designs, perhaps he's another guide for our heroes but then again he may be the member of a secret organisation sworn to protect the grail and keep it's secrets. Either way I kept the colours subtle and went for a linen suit look but decided on different coloured trousers just to break up the miniature a little. 

I follow those two up with a group of four fanatical turbaned warriors for my Kali cult, the miniatures are the Gazi from Mutineer Miniatures Indian Mutiny range. They've been painted up to match with my Thuggee stranglers my brother painted for me last year and are clearly inspired by the Thuggee from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Once again really nice crisp miniatures that were very easy to paint. 
Finally I've a group of Ancient warriors, these are some playtest miniatures for my Greek Mythology inspired game and will be representing the Minoan Faction when I get back around to some more play testing. The miniatures are a mix of plastic Zulus and Numidians from Wargames Factory. They're not my best paint job and I have to say I hated painting them after the pulp miniatures, poor detail and not well defined at all. but they're off my desk and can be added to the tally.

That's it for now, handily a couple of orders have come in to I have some more assembling and prepping to do over the next week.
Really nice work Ian. Those Artizan sculpts are so characterful. I particularly like the russet beard and blue and white cap you gave the Afghan tribesman. 

This collection will give Ian 70 points.


  1. Loving the de-saturated colours here - any chance we could get a how to, or a sense of what colours / paints were used on the pulp stuff?

  2. Fantastic figures. The Pulp guys really turn my modeler's crank!

  3. I like the shading on the pulp figures!

  4. Really nice work Ian, love the pulps

  5. Thesea realy are a bunch of great painted miniatures.

  6. A great group of figures, the Pulp are very nice but the Kali Troop seal the deal for me


  7. The shading of those Pulp figures is fantastic, fantastic!!!

  8. Excellent work - a real treat for the eye!

  9. Thanks guys, you're all really kind.

    My current technique owes much to Games Workshops decision to change their paint range, when the wonderful Devlan Mud was removed and replaced with an inferior product I went elsewhere and I found the Army Painter Quickshade strong tone to be an excellent replacement. It gives a really nice matt shade and seems to hug the recesses really well.

    I've been working on keeping to washed out or deeper tones avoiding bright colours where ever I can to keep this look on the current bunch. I have a healthy stock of brown paints but gravitate to Graveyard Earth and Commando Khaki (or their respective replacements) on most occasions, The robes and jacket of the pulp minis is Khaki highlighted to almost white, the trousers and undershirt was graveyard earth highlighted to almost Khaki.

    I try and pick fairly limited pallets, where I throw extra colours like the blue on the Guides head scarf or the green on the guy with the Fez's Shirt I've chosen colours that highlight well with white to give a washed out look (from memory it was Regal Blue and Catachan Green respectively)

    I've started to go back and re-shade miniatures once the highlighting is done as well, using the aforementioned quickshade.

    What I find interesting is the divergence in painting styles between my brother (PhilH) and I, we grew up painting and gaming together and at one point we painted in a very similar manner. These days Phil has a much cleaner, sharper style than me, he generally has more time to paint and gives a great depth to his highlights, with my time limited I've had to find work arounds to speed up my painting and went for a grubbier style of painting with perhaps a maximum of 3-4 highlights on any colour plus a shade.

    Hope that gives a little insight into my painting techniques. There are plenty more pulp miniatures coming up with another bunch of Kali worshippers on order.

  10. Really nice bro, particularly the guide. Your Minoans might be better than mine too!


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