Sunday, January 6, 2013

From IanW: 25mm Cthulhu Investigators & 28mm WWII German Infantryman (25 points)

From Ian:
Normal service took a curve ball when I offered to paint up the investigators for a friends Mansion of Madness game. These are plastic 25/28mm typically thin stature and plenty of detail.
The first four I have painted up are the old professor (told to make look like Moses or other biblical type), Gangster, sexy scientist (test tube needs green gunk in it) and finally the sexy one I was given a free hand, just have fun with her. 

I still have four more to do. I am painting up two a day leaving the rest of the time for other painting. These are nice 25/28mm figs but the mold lines only came into view on undercoating!!

German 28mm Black Tree Design figure is a standard Sniper Reminder, so far my favorite of all the German WWII figures I have painted.

Great stuff Ian! I particularly love the work you did on the 'Mansion of Madness' figures (a great game btw). 'Harvey Walters' (the old chap) is fabulous and 'Michael McGlen's' pinstripe suit is brilliant as well.

This collection will give Ian 25 points. 


  1. Excellent stuff. Love the gangster - might have to get me one of those!

  2. Great figures, I like the first figure the Old Prof, top painting Ian.

  3. Ah, good work on the investigators.

  4. Excellent work - the pin striped gangster should be worth a few more points!

  5. Very nice work and really like the way you did the old gent.


  6. Thanks guys but my pinstripe is no where as good as other recent submissions, they rocked!!! ;-)

  7. Excellent figures, Ian; very nice and clean work.


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