Friday, December 28, 2012

From TimG: Car For the Tsar of Tratvia, 1:32 1910 Cadillacs (60 points)

 From Tim:
The (as yet unpainted) Tsar of Tratvia, Vladimir IV now has this pair of 'big splendid motor cars' to ferry around he and his (also currently unpainted) staff.
These 1910 Cadillacs were built from Revell 1/32 scale plastic kits. They were originally made by the Gowland (no relation...) company in the 1950s! This great age shows up a bit in the fit of some parts - cue the usual sanding, filling, more sanding, etc... But in the end they look pretty good.

They look great! I love the drivers with their grey uniforms and handlebar moustaches. 

These two horseless carriages will give Tim 60 points to add to his total which will slide him into first place on the roster. Well done!


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