Friday, December 28, 2012

From JuanM: 28mm WWII German Hetzer & Otto Skorzeny (25 points)

From Juan:
I have finished my second batch of models for "The Challenge", more WWII stuff:
The first one is a Hetzer in 28mm from "Warlord Games". We are going to use it in the Eastern Front game we are preparing for the next "Hispania Wargames"; this model will be part of the Kampfgruppe 1001 Nacht.

The second one is Otto Skorzeny, also from "Warlord Games", the special figure they give with the German Army Book for "Bolt Action". I have painted it as a Wehrmacht Officer for the Mediterranean Theatre, thinking in advance of the Africa Korps models the Perry are preparing for the next year...

Lovely work Juan. I've always liked the low silhouette of the Hetzer and you've done a very nice job with the muted camouflage. 

The Hetzer and Otto will give Juan a base of 20 points, but I'm going to add another 5 points for the two crewmen that are in the tank destroyer's hatches. 


  1. Love the Hetzer, even though I'm a StuG kind of guy. The AK figure is also cool


  2. Nice clean work on Hetzer , a personal favourite of mine .Great job Juan . I spy a SU76 in the works too..

  3. Lovely stuff Juan. I love the Hetzer - it's a favorite AFV and you did a splendid job.


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