Friday, December 28, 2012

From DaveD: 28mm Great Escape Characters & The Inquisition (30 points)

I'm a big Steve McQueen fan so I cracked a grin when Dave sent these along...

From Dave:
Time for another few oddities from the lead pile.

First up - The Cooler King, The Scrounger , and The Surveyor from Ebob's Great Escape Range, something a little unusual - go on, you can hear can the music.

Next - No One Expects ... the Spanish Inquisition - by Victoria Lamb in Australia - home of a eclectic mix of figures...

No not sure if you want to class these as historical!! but I gotta try .... just for the sheer cheek of it!! 

Next up big point Napoleonics...
Awesome stuff Dave. That Cooler King is da Bomb. Love him. The Inquisitors are hilarious - I have to get a set for my Four Musketeers games...

These six will give Dave 30 points.


  1. Great stuff - the Great Escape figures are particularly well done - a fine tribute to a great movie. Best, Dean

  2. I know my favorites of all the submissions so far and they wear red!! Though the great escape figures are rather too nice as well. You always put out very high quality work


  3. Fantastic models, Dave. A very nice painting work with them!

  4. Excellent work Dave, and no-one expected.... ;)

  5. Love the Great Escape figures, was it on this Christmas? I didn't see it if it was??

  6. Do you perchance sell your Spanish Inquisition set? I would love to get a set for my mom! Please email me at thanks!