Friday, December 28, 2012

From GregB: 15mm Israeli Centurion Sho't Tanks (15 points)

Greg adds some more models to his Golan Heights collection with these two Israeli Centurions.

From Greg:
My next submission - two 15mm scale MBTs, IDF Centurion Sho'ts.  The models are Centurion tanks from Peter Pig's 15mm modern range.  These are the "generic" Centurions, not the Sho'ts from Peter Pig's Lebanon range (those models have ERA and other enhancements that were not present in 1973).  These models are not exact matches for the Sho'ts used in 1973, but they are close enough after you remove the smoke launchers from the turret, add some stowage and some .30 cal MGs for the commander's cupola.  The tank commander is also from Peter Pig's IDF range. 

To add a bit of finish I cut out a bit of card and painted (or more accurately, try to paint) the hebrew symbols that served as the Israeli tactical numbering system on their MBTs.  The IDF tankers would throw cards or cloth sections marked with the relevant tactical numbers as they pulled the tanks from the reserve depots - and would even switch them from tank to tank during battle if the situation called for it (if, for example, a more senior commander left a damaged tank to take over another one that was still active).  
These are tanks "Alef 1" and "Alef 2", which I think translates to "Alpha 1" and "Alpha 2".  The chevrons on the skirts represent the Company (second, in this case) and the rings on the barrel are for the battalion number (again, the second battalion).  The Israeli MBTs also had symbols for their units often painted on the rear of the tank near the exhaust.  I painted a squiggle intended to approximate the "Barak Brigade" which fought with incredible bravery on the Golan Heights. 
You did a beautiful job on these, Greg. I really like the weathering you've achieved on their hulls and the commander perched in his cupola looks great.

These will add a base of 12 points but I'm going to bring it up to 15 for the extra work on the markings, aerials, 30cals, etc.