Friday, December 28, 2012

From IanW: 6mm Napoleonic French Chasseurs (45 points)

From Ian:
Keeping with the twin theme of Baccus French Naps and the need for some more cavalry for tomorrows game I present five regiments of Chasseurs. 

I was a little concerned that being all green with green saddle cloths (except the trumpeters) that they would look to much like blobs of green from a distance. I lightened the saddle cloths though that has been lost with the ink wash but the white horses and red pom poms have saved them from this. These took about the same amount of tim as the previous four regiments as they were less fiddly. 

The dead horse and infantry were painted before the challenge so it's just the 45 upright figures that count. I still have five regiments of Hussars to paint up but that will be after moving onto another scale and period

Great work Ian! These lads will give you 45 points and position you in the lead (for now...).


  1. Another great amount of work!! Really impressive.

  2. They are doing fairly well today as well ;-)


  3. Nice work. I like the slightly irregular placement of figs as if they are on the charge and struggling to keep their line.


  4. Inspiring. Ditto what Millsy said.


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