Friday, March 7, 2014

From IanW: 28mm WWII 8th Army and Afrika Korps Infantry Markers (80 points)

From Ian:
Here we have eight boys from the 8th Army all looking rather grubby with all that dust and heat. These are Black Tree Miniatures and whilst they have good detail they are missing the usual rifle slings that normally make BTM stand out. 

Other than the lack of slings they still are rather nice and were reasonable to paint up.
The Afrika Korps, on the other hand mostly have the slings (one pose out of four did not) and all have the traditional Y webbing. I struggle a little with the goggles and due to lack of time had only a short period to touch and retouch them up, not helped by a roaring cold that made detail work hard as I could not hold my breath LOL.

I have a further four each but the bases are not finished and need another four plus hours work so will do them when I am back from a very busy four days away (yes I am all excited, just one more sleep to go).

Well, you did a great job Ian, even without having to hold your breath for the detail work. I particularly like the 8th Army lads and your pebble groundwork seems to work very nicely with these desert-themed markers. 

These sixteen figures will give Ian 80 points. Well done and I hope you had a great time at your ASL tournament.


  1. Great job Ian!

    I hope your cold is better by now!

  2. Nice work Ian. The basing is just right

  3. Nice work. Take care of your self and get rid of that cold

  4. Thanks to you all, dratered cold not gone away but the ASL con was still great

    now to get back to the painting



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