Friday, March 7, 2014

From AnneO'L: 28mm Undead Warrior (5 points)

From Anne:
This winter has been a brutal one and my family and we have undergone a great deal of suffering throughout. The temperatures have been well below zero and we have no central heat in our home. When the temperature got down to 40 below zero, our pipes burst and we were without water for over 30 days. Further, my husband is a near invalid and caring for him with a fully function house is difficult at the best of times. As a consequence, it has been a trial for me to make the deadlines for the Themed Bonus Rounds, let alone get anything else done. Things are slowly returning to normal and I am beginning to clear the back log of figures from my painting table.
This is a 28mm figure from Reaper Miniatures and was sculpted by Bobbie Jackson.
I wanted to attempt two new things here. Undead skin and object source lighting from the sword. I'm pleased enough with the skin, but the OSL is dreadful. One of the mistakes I made is attempting this on a dark, saturated colour.
I still find capes to be very difficult. Finding the midpoint in the highlights and making my transitions smooth are still problematic.

I kept the basing very simple as this is intended to be a gaming piece.

Lovely work Anne. I think you did a wonderful job on this chap's marvellously ghoulish skin.His cloak is also quite well done, with appealingly moody transitions with the shadows (and it's nice to see brown used as a primary colour for a character figure). Source lighting is always a tricky effect and you're learning its nuances so there's no shame here at all. A very groovy figure.

This rather dour fellow with the operatic helmet will give Anne 5 points. Great stuff!


  1. It has a wonderfully evil look about it... Great job..

  2. Once again, I think you're been a bit hard on yourself! That final image really shows the movement you've caught with the cloak.

  3. Capes are tricky, but I think you've managed to capture this one nicely!

  4. Nice work Anne!! Love the flowing cloak!

  5. Hola
    Muy buena pieza,me gusta
    un saludo

  6. Yeah don't stress about it, it's a good figure and looks just fine. Because you care about it so much you see all the things you don't like and yet don't see all the things you should like. Seriously do yourself a favour and accept that this is a good figure very nicely painted.

  7. Great looking figure Ann, I also enjoy your work. The colours you achieve are wonderful.
    Sorry to hear about the rough winter - hopefully Spring comes soon to thaw you out.
    Cheers, PD

  8. Seriously Anne? You really are too hard on yourself. The blending on the cape is excellent and the green skulls are a wonderful touch. You always try stuff most of us would not consider and it makes your entries a real treat to see.

  9. Very nice, excellent and different color choices!

    1. You noticed! I've challenged myself to do everything in blacks or browns for a while. I won't be doing anything else in bright colours until I make my last submission at the very end of the Challenge.

  10. Thank you all for your kind words!

  11. Top work, Anne - he really looks the business!

    The audacious colour choices really paid off big time. You have every reason to be proud of this piece!


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