Friday, March 7, 2014

From SebG: 15mm ACW Union Regiment from the Iron Brigade (63 points)

From Seb:
What you have here are 31 US regulars in 15mm from Old Glory. Obviously, the references are from the Iron brigade for a simple reason: Sykes was commanding the regulars at Bull Run, and afterwards, he ordered the men under his command to follow the regulars's regulations.

I have added a few wounded/ dead in action to represent the unit attacking the Rebs, as they did at Bull Run, before covering the rout. The flags have been downloaded and printed. The blue might be too light, but the varnish seems to have "whitened" it a bit.
Now on my way to the last bonus entry.
Another excellent regiment under your belt Seb.  Remind us again, how many units are you aiming for in this project? Your collection is bulking up nicely. Personally I think the flags look very good and accentuates the dynamism of the unit.

This regiment of Yanks will give Seb 63 points. Great job!


  1. I really like the dynamic action in the regiment, Seb! I find it a chore to complete the attention and march poses! I treat the firing, charging, and skirmishers as a treat for completing the stiff fellas!

  2. Nice regiment Seb. I hope that all those casualty figures don't tempt fate when you get them into combat on the table

  3. Great looking regiment mate. As David said, very dynamic!

  4. I like that you've added the casualty and wounded figures as that is part of the reality. I can't imagine being in that situation with my mates falling and dying beside me and still going forward.

    Nicely done and these will look great on the table!

  5. Great looking unit - full of action

  6. nice unit that would grace any wargames table.

  7. Nice work on a really dynamic and action packed looking force.


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