Thursday, March 6, 2014

From KevH: 20mm Anglo-Saxons Thegns & Saracen City Militia and Ghazi Fanatics (182 points)

From Kev:
Sculpting's done for now so I am back at the painting table, yaaay. First up are an addition to my 1/72 Dark age collection.
The Anglo Saxon Army in "Hail Caesar" is allowed a single small unit of Mounted Thegns. I could have chose the easy route for these and just painted 4 of the Revell ones. But no, thats not me and I do prefer the Strelets. So here we go, Strelets and Revell conversions. A few head swaps and the odd body swap and all on Strelets horses. 4 mounted Thegns to give the Anglo Saxons a bit of fast hitting power.
Then back onto the Crusades. More infantry for now. First up are another City Militia unit. 12 Figures, these are 3 to a base to show they are a Medium infantry unit.

Then closely followed by the first of the Ghazi Fanatics units. This is a warband, (24 figures) hence the double ranks.
Once again a medium infantry unit with 3 to a base to show this. I decided on a uniform colour scheme for the Fanatics as I wanted them to look menacing on the table. Andy had the idea for the red headgear. Red, black with a bit of white give these the look I wanted and will easily make them recognisable on the table.
The other fanatic units will be a slight variation on this scheme.
All the Saracen figures are HaT 1/72 and from their ElCid range and painted in my high contrast style. I am now working on some of the Saracen Cavalry, at last, lol.

Beautiful work once again Kev! I particularly like the unit of Ghazi fanatics - those colours certainly reinforce their intended role. 

These fellows with their excellent banners, shields and conversions will give Kev 182 points, allowing him to wrest back control of 2nd place from Dave. Nonetheless with only a 48 point spread between the two it's really anybody's race. Pretty exciting stuff!


  1. Love the Ghazi Fanatics mate. That red and black is spectacular!

  2. These troops are amazing - very well done!

  3. Great colour schemes.. , right I am off the finish the next lot!

    1. Cheers Dave.
      Me too buddy, Saracen Cavalry a go go..

  4. Very nice! Those black flags are killer!

    And I see you're back in second place. Congratulations!

  5. Thankyou for the comments everyone.
    The race to the finish is on.

  6. Another excellent large entry Kev. I suspect that the battle for 2nd place between you and Dave will be very tight

  7. Yet more 20mm goodness. Big thumbs up from me.


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