Saturday, February 1, 2014

From ReneV: 15mm WWII Soviet Tank Riders (45 points)

Rene builds more steam from his Dreadball debut with this collection of T34 tank riders.

From Rene:
My second entry into this years challenge.
The red colour of not sending in anything has passed with my first contribution earlier this week. To keep some momentum going I decided to push on with a small addition of 15mil chaps. These were a present from a fellow clubmember from Murphy's Heroes (Dutch wargames club in Delft). He did not need them and I could find good use for them as Tank Riders / Mounted Tankodessantnicky for my T34's.

There are 10 improvised stands (Litko bases but home cut and trimmed) each with 2 figures. Not a whopping amount nor a lot of points but at this stage of the "competition" every tiny soldier counts.
The tanks were painted some time ago and need some adjustment since the soft tip pen did not work out to subtle (understatements are fun).
Even though I was very very tempted my left shoulder told me to stop being a IIIIAAAAAHH and declare them non competition entries. So Curt, only the 22 Tank Riders are point scorers for this entry!
Sorry to have to take pictures in the formation as shown but unfortunately the only way to fit them all in. I am normally strongly opposed to "line them up and roll them down the table games" but it IS only a picture after all.......
Nice work Rene. I quite like your idea of having the tank riders on their own base which fits on the rear deck of the tanks (thereby freeing up the tanks for 'solo' work if required) - very smart!

This group of dessantnikis will give Rene 45 points.  Well done!


  1. Now that's a clever idea and well executed to boot. Bravo!

  2. Indeed a idea so straightforward and yet works so well. If I ever do tank Riders I will use/steal this method. It's just perfect.

  3. Great idea and well painted Rene :)


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