Saturday, February 1, 2014

From JamesL: 28mm WWII German Panzer II (15 points)

 From JamesL:
This time I'm sharing the Pz 11 from my German Bolt Action army, fresh from battle. Whilst it didn't survive all 5 of my games, it do give a good account of itself against much heavier tanks...
The model is a Warlords 1/56th scale. As an early war tank still fighting on in late 1944 , I painted this one in the Early War paint scheme of dark grey (German Grey ) then patchily painted it with Middlestone to represent a hurried paint job after bringing the tank out of storage in the desperate days of the war for Germany. To that end I left the edges of the tank untouched by Middlestone to represent the hurried paint job rubbing off....
The pics include one taken of the tank in battle at CanCon, proving we're not just about painting in this man's toy army...and if anyone reads this , I'd love any suggestions for a name for the tank, it just doesn't feel right calling it...tank...
Great job James! I really like the idea of gaming with vehicles that were pressed into service from 3rd tier stocks. It illustrates the desperate the desperate nature of those last months of fighting in Germany. I also quite like the effect you achieved to reflect the rushed paintjob over the original panzer grey - very effective.

A name for this feisty fellow? Hmm... From my reading of the period the German tank crews often had a dark, ironic sense of humour. Perhaps something like 'Der Kaiser' might be good as this little chap would be rubbing shoulders with many of the Big Cats during those final days of WWII. If you can't walk the walk you can at least talk the talk...

This Panzer II will give James 15 points. Well done!


  1. Nice details/weathering on this Pz II. Reminds me of one of the first Tamiya models I had many moons ago - painted up nowhere as nice as James' though. Best, Dean

  2. Nice Panzer Comrade!
    It shall be called Das Schnitzelhound when you bring it to play in the Man Cave :-)

  3. Nice painting mate. How about something ironic? Call it "Maus" :-)

  4. Very nice, I like the story and how that comes through, hard to pull off with a vehicle.

  5. I love playing with PzII's against bigger tanks and you did a good job on him


  6. Suitably weather-beaten look for this vehicle. It's a lovely piece of work, well done!

  7. Das Schnitzelhound or Maus......nice ones gents, I shall call it Schnitzelmaus :-)
    Thanks for the positive feedback everyone!

  8. A very nice Vehicle. As for a name, I would consider a German ladies name Perhaps "Ute". If you did want an animal name " Eichhörnchen" (Squirrel in English), It's just a German Animal name that looks and sounds so German.

  9. Great work on the tank. I especially like the old Panzergrau shimmering through. Very nice touch. As for the name it was not very popular with German tank crews (unlike their British & American counterparts) to name their vehicles but if you want to do so I'd go for an old German female name. Something like "Else", "Elfriede", "Walpurga", "Adelheid" or the fearful "Brunhilde" ;-)
    Concerning historical accurateness I wouldn't play the tank in late war games as the PzKpfw II was totally withdrawn in 1942 only the Luchs version (Lynx in english) remaining in service. Concerning the fun you can have using these veterans of the Blitzkrieg... well, I'd say: "Panzer vorwärts, marsch, marsch!"

  10. I was going to suggest Brunhilde, she looks like a Brunhilde, but I just noticed Moiterei's post so I'm actually seconding his suggestion. Nice work.


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