Saturday, February 1, 2014

From IanW: 28mm Winston Churchill (5 points)

From IanW:
After submitting the ultimate villain in the bad boys round I was going to use this figure as his foil but was feeling that all my bonus rounds were rather cheap point grabs being single figure. So I have subbed him for another more time consuming effort and instead you get Churchill in all is glory.
Problem is, he is not that colourful but my wife came up with the idea of a Union Flag draped over the base to give it some pop. Well I was not up for painting it on so surfed the nett until I found one to suit and here we go. I will hasten to add that Winston is not STANDING on the Union, I cut out the feet and moulded it around. 

So thanks to Cath he is that bit more interesting and colourful!

This is awesome Ian! Kudos to Cath for the flag idea - brilliant. Hmm, I really need one of these for my upcoming 'The Eagle has Landed' game...

Winston will give Ian 5 points. 

'Never in the field of a painting conflict was so much owed to so few (points)....'

Here's one for you Ian:


  1. Love the pinstripe trousers! What's the little handle on the base? Is it some kind of turn counter?

  2. Hi,
    good painting work and scenery !
    and rotflol for the bottom comment and submission ;-)

    thefrenchjester " rock in a free world ! ;-)"

  3. I always thought he was ordering a double scotch. Lovely work sir regardless. The Union Jack is superb.

  4. The Scissors beats Paper Poster is Absolutely Brilliant. I really like what you have done with this figure. The Union Flag is a touch of Genius as well.

  5. What a great idea for the base! Well executed.

  6. Wonderful figure - the poster is a boot too

  7. Great work on Winnie and a fab idea from Kath with the flag.

    @ Curt - was that pic of Churchill him showing Lady Astor what he thought of her comments about the 8th Army shirking D-Day? ;)

  8. Ha ha love the new quote and love the figure.
    Great job.

  9. Great job on Winnie and I love the rock/paper/scissors meme.

    So let me get this straight - it would be problematic to stand on the flag but it's ok to cut holes in it?

    Take you wife out to dinner for the suggestion on the flag draped base regardless. She's obviously a keeper.

  10. Lovely job. Ian... Now if you had him taking a pee in the Rhine as per the story ...


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