Saturday, February 1, 2014

From BenG: 20mm Dark Age Gothic/Germanic Command Stands (56 points)

From Ben:
Here's two command stands of Gothic/Germanic infantry and cavalry. The infantry is a mix of metal Newline commander, standard bearer and trumpeters, while the commander's guard are Strelets and Miniart. It was a risk putting the lovely Newline figures on the same stand as the Miniart figures, but if you don't look to closely, you'll miss the mold-lines on the Miniarts! 

The cavalry stand is all Miniart, though one of the commander's posse has been converted into a standard bearer after chopping off his lance and replacing it with a standard from the Italeri infantry set.

Beautiful work Ben. Its interesting to see the mix of metal and plastic on the same base. As you say unless you look very close your really can't tell - yet another benefit of figures seen in mass. I really like the hand painted shields and draco standards - the colours are very dynamic as well. Great job.

These two command stands will give Ben 56 points which includes a bit extra for the great work on the shields and standards.


  1. Really nice - the dashes of colour really makes these figs stand out!

  2. Great job Ben.
    Really love you 20mm stuff.
    Tempting me for the late rome now, mind you, i was thinking of using the miniart for Arthurians.

  3. I do like these, the mix works well


  4. The figures are not to my taste but your painting is spot on.

  5. Nice job Ben you've done a cracking job with these lads

  6. I really like how you painted the miniart figures. Very nice job fitting them in with the newline metals.


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